klinik elysiana rawang

Medical Services and Treatments in Rawang, Selangor

Rawatan / Treatment

medical check up klinik di Rawang

Medical Check Up

A thorough examination by a doctor to assess your overall health and identify any potential issues early on.

Blood Tests For General Health Check-ups di Rawang

Blood tests to identify underlying health conditions, monitor existing ones, and track your overall health.

Heart examinations Rawang, EKG and Echo Scans | Klinik ELYSIANA

Evaluate your heart health, including its function, rhythm, and blood flow, to detect potential problems.

vaksin umrah & haji rawang

A safe and effective way to protect yourself from infectious diseases for your Umrah or Hajj journey.

Wound Cleaning and Treatment di Rawang

Thoroughly clean and dress a wound to prevent infection, promote healing, and minimize scarring.


Simple surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia, such draining abscess or removal of warts and cysts. 

iv monofer

Injection of iron medication to treat iron deficiency, more efficient than oral supplements or transfusions.

Klinik Rawatan Asma di Rawang

A personalized approach to managing your asthma symptoms, often involving medication and nebulizer treatments.


Discuss your options for having children or preventing pregnancy. Explore birth control, fertility treatments and more.


A painless imaging technique using sound waves to create a picture of your developing baby inside the womb.

pregnant check clinic rawang malaysia

Confirm your pregnancy and relieve any doubts by taking a pregnancy test wit us.

Antenatal and postnatal check-ups di rawang Malaysia

Regular appointments with a doctor to monitor your health during pregnancy, the baby’s development, and get screenings.

Pemeriksaan Jaundis untuk Bayi di Rawang

Check for jaundice or demam kuning, in your newborn to prevent early complications after birth.


Get a quick and painless circumcision, whether it’s for a child or an adult. We use laser techniques for faster recovery.

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